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Introducing… Your Student Loan Fairy Godmother

Hi! I’m Natalie Jean-Baptiste, Attorney and Founder of My Student Loan Counselor.com. My mission is to empower student loan borrowers with the information and tools they need to conquer their student loan debt so that they can have the freedom and peace of mind to live the life of their dreams.


When I graduated from law school over a decade ago, I never imagined I’d be doing this work. All I ever wanted to be was an entertainment attorney and spent the better part of my career working in the music industry. But after years of struggling with my six-figure student loan debt and other consumer debt, I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I represented myself in bankruptcy court and brought what’s known as an Adversary Proceeding to have my student loan debt discharged under the “undue hardship” exception of the Bankruptcy Code – which I’ll elaborate on later. The fate of my private student loan debt is yet to be determined but I was able to settle my $156,000 federal student loan debt for $36,000(!!).


My victory inspired me to help other people burdened with debt. I’ve always had a passion for helping people live happy, healthy lives and even became a Certified Holistic Health Coach after law school. While on my journey, I recognized that it’s hard to live a happy, healthy life or fulfill  your purpose when you’re burdened with debt so I launched a bankruptcy and consumer rights law firm to help people break the chains of debt slavery and create a path to financial freedom. I’m especially dedicated to helping student loan borrowers because I believe that the pursuit of higher education should be the last reason that anyone spends the rest of their life in debt.


If you’re overwhelmed by your student loan debt, this blog will help you to understand your options and create a game plan to manage or eliminate your student loan debt by any means necessary. I hope you will find it to be a valuable tool in your arsenal on your path to financial freedom. Enjoy.


Peace and love,


Natalie JB